a2The Association of former residents of the University College La Asunción is an essential part of what the University College is.


We know that the passage through this Home is not indifferent to any, and leaves a mark that the course of the years only strengthens. That is why we do not stop organizing annual meetings, as well as monthly activities in which we have the opportunity to continue sharing successes and failures, concerns and joys, and so many other experiences that are part of our life. We still enjoy the university college despite the years!

a4ex alumnas colegio mayor la asuncion

  • Lucía Garijo Alonso, 2006, Architecture,

    My passing through the university college: an opportunity to grow, to mature, to make friends like few, to learn and to share millions of things. A very endearing stage, difficult to forget.

  • Nuria Escrig, 1991, Dentistry. Postgrades,

    Endodontics, Implantology and Dental Aesthetics: For me it was a true home, a gift for my life. It helped me make personal statements in all aspects, which have helped me and guided me the rest of my life and continue to do so. I met people there who have been and still are fundamental to me.

  • Elia Cantavella, 1981, Economics,

    The CMLA gave me the opportunity to expand my field of vision. I had companions of all races and of all over Spain. It was the perfect complement to the university, where we fundamentally spoke about economy. Life is much more, and there I was able to learn it.

  • Toya Másia,

    Passing through the CMLA has helped me, and continues to help me, to find depth in all aspects of my life. I go there whenever I need "gas" or when I need to step on the brake and think.

  • Mª José Jorques, 1993, Dr. in Psychology,

    The College has been a great family, where I found those who after so many years are still my best friends, in conclusion have been the best years of my life.

  • Maite Hernández, 1995, Pharmacy,

    At CMLA I felt loved, valued and supported in my studies and in my personal life. That helped me achieve my academic goals and grow in values.

  • Marian González, 1994, Pharmacy,

    The best thing that has happened to me in my life. Imagine how it is present in my daily life that all my passwords carry my room number at CMLA.

  • María González, 2007, Degree in Dentistry and Masters in Orthodontics,

    Living the University from the CMLA was a very wise decision from my parents’ part... it was a gift. It was to wake up every morning with the desire to smile, to study, to fuss and to excite myself, to begin and begin again, to share and to enjoy. To make a ton of friends

  • Ester Escrig, 1988, Graduate in Biological Sciences and Dr. in Chemistry,

    The CMLA? A university and study environment, but at the same time familiar and fun. Lectures, hall meetings, parties, human education, the tutors... has been one of the best things that has happened to me in this life. I will never be grateful enough.

  • Pilar Martínez, 1991, Medical Doctor,

    When you live in a place where so many lives cross, you inevitably enrich yourself: you study all courses at once, you fall in love indefinitely, the intensity of the emotions multiply... The CMLA also allowed me to build my personality on real values,

  • Adelaida González, 2013, Industrial Engineering,

    The CMLA allowed me to meet people that I know will be for life and that no matter how far from each other we are, they will brighten my days like they did when we lived there together. That is why I know that I can call the CMLA home and my fellow residents, sisters. Living with other people the way we did in our CM creates "almost" blood ties! An unforgettable and unrepeatable experience.

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