All people who decide to reside at University College La Asunción will enjoy the following services:

1. Personalized treatment
Upon arrival each resident of is assigned a tutor who will ensure their well-being and provide an academic following to the extent to which each resident requests it.
2. Computer consulting
CMLA makes available to its residents a team of technicians who attend any computer needs on a weekly basis.
3. Internet connection
Through the Wi-Fi network throughout CMLA and through cable connection in the computer room.
4. Library
CMLA has a library which, in addition to being a place to study, houses more than 3,000 books which include textbooks, novels, manuals for specific courses, etc.
5. Study rooms
In addition to the library, there are four study rooms where each resident can achieve their best academic performance.
6. Organization of activities
Because CMLA offers a well-rounded training of each student, it organizes complementary activities in the fields of culture, solidarity, celebration and sport.
7. Reception
Throughout the day the entrance of CMLA is attended in a way that contributes to a welcoming atmosphere and attention to everyone.
8. Maintenance
For any need that may arise there is a team that will meet these needs on the shortest notice possible.
9. Heating
CMLA has a central heating system that ensures a warm atmosphere in each and every room.
10. Air conditioning
LCommon areas are equipped with cooling systems.
11. Cleaning
The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned from Monday to Friday, as are the general areas.
12. Laundry rooms
CMLA has industrial washing machines that facilitate the washing of clothes and personal belongings to each resident. The price of self-service is 1.50 euros.
13. Full board
CMLA’s kitchen service offers breakfast, lunch, snacks (except weekends) and dinner seven days a week. It also facilitates the possibility of eating at the university through ticket services, sandwiches or homemade tuppers.
14. Parking
CMLA has a parking space for cars and motorcycles, which can be chosen as a supplementary service for which the price is excluded from the fees.




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